I Want To Commit Suicide - What Do I Need?
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I Want To Commit Suicide - What Do I Need?

Suicide is the way out. You think so? Okay. Read these few lines and find out what you need before the final check out. Trust this would simplify your plan and help you plenty.

Normally, if someone asks me this question, I would say a session (or more) with a psychiatrist. However, in this case I will make an exception and go along with you. So, you want to commit suicide. This is a huge decision. A very serious one, which I would like to think would come after quite some prolonged  brainstorming to look for alternative solutions. Suicide does sound like a great solution to most major problems, but there is a major flaw here. It is very permanent. Here is what you would need when you decide that indeed suicide is the only and best solution for your problem(s).

1. Farewell notes to your loved ones – you are on your way to find peace (probably, for there is no saying what happens after death to the souls of people who commit suicide); what about those who love you? Have you thought how will they feel when they find out that you took your life? Can you imagine the look on their face, the pain in their heart when they hear this news? You will agree with me that they need some type of closure – so you need to write these notes to ALL of them.

2. Be sure that whatever means you use is 100% effective – you attempt suicide and you do not die. What a mess! You will have to explain it all to everybody. Worse – what would happen if instead of dying you end up a vegetable in a hospital bed? A burden to your loved ones? An object of pity? Have you thought about that?

3. Find out what happens after death – when I was young and I had a problem, I used to find a way to run away from it. Invariably, I would find that the new scenario was worse than my initial problem. Gradually I learnt to stand on my ground and face my problems for I grew fed up of the bad bargains I went in when running away from the initial problem. Coming back to you – are you sure that after death you will be okay? What if your soul would be stuck in between the earth and heaven forever? Why not try out astral projections before you commit suicide? This is a method whereby you learn to leave your physical body at will and move around with your astral body (or soul). Most people who have learnt and practiced it became wise beyond their age. You will find out what is out there (beyond death realm)  before you die – and maybe this will give you a better understanding of what it is to come.

4. Put yourself this question – if my mother/ father/ brother/ sister/ daughter/ son/ spouse (or whoever else is dear to you) would take this step would I have agreed that this was the right solution to the problems they had? If the answer is yes, then you are indeed on the right path and suicide is indeed your best solution. If not, if you do not agree that for them suicide would be THE solution, what would you have advised them to do if they came to you? Think. Wouldn’t it be better if you talk your problem out with those who love you? You will be amazed at the strength your family can give you when you ask. Go to those you love most and talk with them. Lay all the cards on the table. In 9 out of 10 cases the solution would come hard, but it would add tremendous value to your relationship and you would become stronger for it.

Suicide is not a solution; it is a vehicle to run away from a problem. And as I mentioned earlier, there is NO GUARANTEE that what you think as a solution for one problem would not lead you into a bigger and more complicated situation than the one you were running away from in the first place.

You really need to think again!

Helpful resources and Sites:

1. Suicide hotlines throughout the USA - http://suicidehotlines.com/

2. Ten Simple Ways To Commit Suicide - http://www.alexshalman.com/2008/08/05/10-simple-ways-to-commit-suicide/

3. The Bright Side – 10 reasons why suicide may not be the answer - http://www.the-bright-side.org/site/thebrightside/section/325

4. Free astral projection course - http://astralprojection.bravehost.com/

5. Free courses on astral projection - http://www.gnosticawakenings.com/

Additional resources:

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Comments (2)

Hummm . . .

I'm a combat veteran with PTSD who recently attempted suicide, I was rescued by a good samaritan and brought back only three months ago. If I could throw my two cents in I'd say forget it. You're going to F it up and cause yourself more trouble than good. Besides, the help I'm getting now with my mental health is actually making a difference in my life and I have something to look forward to at the end of the day. So, regardless of what your circumstances are, there is help for you out there, just give it a shot first. That's all I'm going to say, I'm not here to preach. Think about it.