Warning Signs of Suicidal Tendencies
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Warning Signs of Suicidal Tendencies

prominent warning signs of suicidal tendency and immediate actions to be taken.

Warning Signs of Suicidal Behavior

YOU might have heard a friend or family member utter the phrase, “I want to die!”, desperately and in frustration. The situation would be above the level of help you are able to give them. Still you are concerned about the fact that the dear one is at loss. Suicidal tendencies always arise when a person feels he is at the rope’s end and wants to let go too. Not all individuals with the suicidal tendencies tend to verbalize the wish. But there are certain common behaviors exhibited by depressed person with suicidal inclination, that help us identify the condition before the tragedy occurs. Here are some tips that will surely help to identify the individuals at the brink of self-induced death:

1. Emotional State

The most evident mood presumably is depression. Person will not laugh or joke, facial expression is gloomy and verbalizations are pessimistic in general, especially when relating to self. There is only one situation where a suicidal person will speak hopefully, which I will come to soon. Outburst of anger or crying over minor issues can be frequent.

2. Thoughts

The person’s imaginations and thoughts focus on successful methods of ending life. They may also verbalize their thinking by asking questions like, “Do you think getting hit by a truck hurts much?” or “Taking how many of these tabs, do you think, will be fatal?”

3. Activity

The person is generally restless. He/ she lacks concentration, yet is preoccupied. These individuals can also be seen making arrangements to settle their personal, family and other matters. They may pay off their debts, sell properties, join for family insurances and write their own wills, and even try to fulfill their loved one’s wishes they were so against till then. The person can also be found writing depressing poems and sad stories which cumulate in death of the core characters.

4. Eating and Sleeping Habits

Extremes of behaviors are seen in either of the cases. Depressed persons can hog or starve. They can have insomnia or sleep for hours, not even eating or bathing. Sleeplessness is due to anxiety, and over-sleeping is due to incapability to face life while awake.

5. Self-esteem

The person has very low self-esteem and no motivation feelings at all. Words like,” I can’t go on”, “I am a loser”, “why try when I am bound to fail?” are common. These individuals will not usually have a goal to live for. They also feel that other people find them disgusting, a burden or ‘less than human.’

6. Past History of suicide

Individuals who have tried once to do self-murder are the one’s who try again. If any of your loved one has escaped suicide, be watchful, as there is a very high percentage of chance that they will try again, unless the situation changes.

7. Change of mood

Note well when a person who was feeling down for a long time suddenly gets happy and light-hearted. It can mean that they have decided on carrying out their suicidal plan. They will suddenly be carefree and jocular. These changes will be a relief to the family member, as they consider that the person is at last getting back to life, when indeed the reverse is imminent.

PS. Another method of suicide is Passive Suicide. The person may starve or fall asleep in a bath-tub or sink.

So what should we do if we diagnose a suicidal predisposition? Talk with the person. Ask if they have any such thoughts. Don’t have the misconception that asking such a thing will instill the negative idea in the person. They don’t. Most cases the individual will admit if he/she has the reflection. Don’t over react, but be sympathetic But never promise confidentiality in such a situation. Tell family/friends responsible, seek medical or psychiatric help as soon as possible. Remove all harmful, dangerous and sharp objects like bed sheets, revolver, knife, blades, medicines, belts, class items, away from the person. Always have someone to watch over the person and never leave him alone.

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Comments (10)

Great article, but that last paragraph is just the reason why people who really want to commit suicide, will never talk about it. Some do not want to be saved and will do it, even if you try to stop them. Some might just do it, if you try to. If you have people watching over those who are suicidal and take all things from them they might commit it with, they might just get more frustrated, because you take away their exit.

Thankx:).........even the most severely depressed has missed feelings about dying and waver even till the last moment about wanting to live or die.They dont really want to die, but doesnt know how they can survive the situation. Taking away the harmful objects and watching over them should be simultaneous with seeking immediate medical help.....with my experience as a nurse i have seen severly suicidal clients revive with medication, and councelling when you give them a hope for living.

This is an excellent article. The very fact that you, a newbie, got two long comments from others whom you do not know that you have what it takes to write. It would be a shame if you do not nurture it NOW! The article surely is wonderful.


what if there is no one to go to? and, what if there is no one around? one can be dead for days before finally someone else smells something and call the police.

Isnt it surprising that in a world population of 6 billion, people find themselves lonely? People no longer want to live a life of value, cos it takes an extra effort to be just that. Though ironically the truth is, deep down they craves is to be of worth to someone in this world. The retiring neighbour is grouchy and the lonely teenager is rude cos they protect their delicate self-esteem with these crude defense mechanisms. The one great deed a person can do is to seek a genuine conversation with a lonely stranger every day. They will be amazed at what they will discover! Coming head-on to the question in a practical way, if anyone has come down to the decision, go to a hospital with whatever emotional energy left and they will be saved from the disaster, or grab the first person you see and tell what u gona do. And also people need to be publically know where they can seek help .Even at that worst moment realize that you wouldnt have been born if the Greatest Power in universe didnt want u to live.


well what about if you own father tells you to kill your self and then says you couldn't do it because you cant accomplish anything in life

Dear David, no earthly father should ever say that to his child. If he says such negative phrases, he is being very unwise and is not expressing the love he has for his child properly. Words like those hurts badly and can even leave lasting impressions in a child's mind. There could be reasons for which a father is behaving like this.May be his parents were uncaring and now he is incapable of showing love to his own child. whatever may be the reason or whatever a father or others may say, that child is unique and special. He is a victor by the fact that he was chosen over many others to be born in this world. And he is given unique capabilities that he should use for the good of himself and for the good of others. No matter how hard the times may be, he should know that he can rise above it all if he decides to. He is beautiful as he is and no father can take this all away from a child. Don't believe when a father tells you, "you can't", because that is a lie. You can accomplish anything in life and be a blessing to the world.

Great article and by the way you made me realize some other things, I have never been close to anyone who's suicidal or who ended their lives but I've known the people, just from a distance. And I never stop to wonder why and how does a person come to such a conclusion? Don't they look at their children and loved ones and feel sorry for them? Especially mothers, several months ago there's a lady who committed suicide,and it was the fourth attempt, so I agree with you when you say if they tried and failed, they'll try again. This lady left behind a young boy who looks so handsome, and guess what the reason for suicide was? Baby daddy couldn't marry her because he was still married to the first wife and he has been promising to get divorced and marry her. These people were together for close to ten years, staying together, having a son together and living happily, the only thing was that the man wouldn't finalize divorce and marry her.

I still can't believe this person went to such lengths for marriage, didn't she feel sorry for the boy, and by the way the poor baby isn't coping at all. OMG!!!


thanks for the article Irene. Good job.

Yes, you are right. Suicidal people arent rational at all. They don't really realize the wreck they would be leaving behind. And psychologists says it is better to ask the suicidally inclined to think about the things that remain after they die. Describing the state in which their body would be found, the struggle of dying, the psychological consequence on the bereaved is said to make them realize the grotesqueness of it. But  sometimes, if their aim is to hurt others more than they hurt themselves, it is more difficult to bring a change of mind.

I don't know wat to do? I am a shy man 31 year old, with athlete body, good looking but when it comes to girls, i am zero. i m straight. i always feared to ask a girl for a date. i never date a girl. i never socialize in my life. i was good/average at studies. i never fall in unnecessary fights except for self-defence. i hate talking to men. i don't know how to keep conversation running, i do not talk impressive, i have never expressed my true feelings to anyone in this world, i never fall in love, i never thought of suicide before, i am always scared to express my opinion, these days i m just crying by myself, i stay hungry sometimes 3 days in a row, i sleep either 6 or 12 hours per day, aren't these enough reasons to take my own life ?? i tried many times changing my personality to outgoing but always failed. how much more i have to suffered. i have read the article but please help me... what to do further?